How (and Why) to Become an Accredited Coach for Highly Sensitive People

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Would you like to become an accredited coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) but are unsure if HSP coaching is the right career path for you?

In this post, learn about a 3-month professional online course accredited by the International Association for Coaches, Therapists, and Mentors (IACTM). 

The course teaches a holistic and integrative approach to coaching Highly Sensitive People, and enrollment happens twice a year – in May and September.

But before we dive in, let’s talk about why you should become an accredited coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs).

5 Reasons to Become an Accredited HSP Coach 

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1. The Coaching Industry is Growing

The coaching industry sits at a market size of $5.43 billion as of 2023. This number is estimated to reach $6.25 billion in 2024 (a 14.5% increase.

Also, current estimates predict an increase in active coaching practitioners from 126,050 in 2023 to 145,500 in 2024. 

If these numbers actualize as expected, that would mean active coaches in the market will double from 2019 to 2024.

— CoachRanks

These statistics show an upward growth trajectory in the coaching business and reassure anyone wanting to claim a piece of the pie.

So, if you become an accredited HSP coach today, you can rest easy knowing you’re joining a fast-growing profession.

2. With an Accreditation, You Stand Out From The Crowd

Given the yearly growth of coaching practitioners, you might need an extra qualification or unique quality to stand out. 

This could mean specializing in a particular niche, learning an additional skill, or securing accreditation from an international body.

When you become an accredited coach for Highly Sensitive People, you receive certification to work exclusively with individuals with the HSP trait.

And when you take this 3-month training program, you learn a unique and highly effective approach (holistic and integrative) to support HSPs on their journey towards thriving.

The coaching industry growth trajectory. (Image Source: Coach Ranks)

3. Get Listed on HSP Practitioner Directories

Becoming a coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) is the first step towards a booming career in the coaching business. 

The other step is marketing yourself or convincing people to purchase your services.

As an HSP coach, there are different ways of doing this. You can promote your services on social media, pay for a listing on coaching directories, or hire a PR firm to do the heavy lifting.

But there’s an even easier way to market your services to Highly Sensitive People worldwide. A way that requires less effort, no marketing budget, and leads you to the right clients.

This way involves getting listed on an HSP practitioner directory.

With an HSP coaching accreditation from an international body, you automatically qualify for listing on various HSP-specific directories

These include the coaches directory on Dr. Elaine Aron’s Website, Julie Bjelland’s website, Highly Sensitive Humans, Empath’s Diary, and our very own at, among others.

4. Help a Fellow Highly Sensitive Person

Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) find joy and purpose in helping others. They thrive in careers founded on being helpful, such as teaching, coaching, therapy, assisting, caregiving, etc.

Below is a quote from Dr. Elaine N. Aron that affirms this statement.

HSPs tend to fill that advisor role. We are the writers, historians, philosophers, judges, artists, researchers, theologians, therapists, teachers, parents, and plain conscientious citizens.

— Elaine N. Aron, PhD

As an accredited coach for Highly Sensitive People, you benefit from working in a job that helps people and also from helping individuals with the same HSP trait as you.

The fulfilment you stand to gain when you become an HSP coach today is unimaginable.

5. Fill the Growing Need for HSP Professionals

Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) are estimated to make up about 50% of therapy patients. 

This number is partly attributed to many HSPs feeling misunderstood as they transition from childhood to adulthood and seek professional help to understand their existence better.

And while traditional therapy provides a great place to start when seeking answers, more healing methods are proving more reliable and effective.

Coaching is one such method.

With more people learning about the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) trait, more professionals are needed to help HSPs make peace with their past and leverage their strengths for good.

This is where you come in as an accredited coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs). You help close the gap in HSP coaching and provide meaning to thousands of clueless HSPs.

Below, we discuss the 3-month professional training program to become an accredited coach for Highly Sensitive People.

Become an Accredited HSP Coach in 2024

How to Become an Accredited Coach for Highly Sensitive People

There are various ways to become a coach for Highly Sensitive People, and this post discusses four such methods.

However, only one way is accredited and recognized by two international bodies of coaching professionals – the 3-month professional training program.

Taught by Jules De Vitto – an accredited transpersonal coach and trainer for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), the 3-month training is a live online course with two intakes – May and September.

The first intake for this year starts on May 7 and ends on July 30, 2024.

More about the 3-Month Professional Training Program

With an 11-step course curriculum, the 3-month professional training is for anyone wanting to learn a holistic and integrative framework for coaching Highly Sensitive People (HSPs).

The framework focuses on uniting psychological and spiritual perspectives to help HSPs embrace their High Sensitivity and use it to thrive in an overwhelming world.

Research shows that Highly Sensitive individuals benefit more from spiritual intervention, and this 3-month professional training is designed to tap into this inborn ability.

Go here to see the course brochure.

Accreditation Details for the 3-month professional training.

The 3-month professional training to become an accredited coach for Highly Sensitive People is recognized by two international coaching bodies:

  • The International Association of Coaches, Therapists and Mentors (IACTM)
  • The Association for Coaching (AC)

But the types of accreditations differ.

As a coaching institution, the Highly Sensitive Human Academy (responsible for the 3-month training program) is a recognized organization and member of IACTM and AC.

By taking the 3-month professional training to coach Highly Sensitive People (HSPs), you receive accreditation through IACTM and a 12-month associate membership through the Association of Coaching (AC).

Go here to learn more about the course and its accreditation.

Course Curriculum for the 3-month Professional Training

This course brochure will provide all the information about the 3-month professional training to become an accredited coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs).

However, if you want a quick overview of the course curriculum, below is a summary of what to expect in this online course by the Highly Sensitive Human Academy.

  1. An Introduction to the Course & The Highly Sensitive Person
  2. An Introduction to Transpersonal and Integrative Coaching
  3. Who are we? Exploring Our Self & Identity
  4. Helping Highly Sensitive People Set Healthy Boundaries
  5. Holding Space & The Healing Presence | Mindfulness
  6. Parts Work for Highly Sensitive People
  7. How to use Self-Compassion Practices with HSP
  8. Helping HSP find Clarity on their Purpose & Vision
  9. Shadow Work and How to Integrate the Shadow
  10. Communication Skills for Highly Sensitive People
  11. Going Beyond Our Pre-Programming as a Highly Sensitive Person

The training program includes ten live 90-minute webinars, written materials, a private 1:1 session, and an interactive community to connect with other aspiring coaching professionals.

You will also receive access to a six-module short course on how to start and market your HSP coaching business. Go here to learn more about the program.

Pricing and Qualifications for the 3-month Training Course

Completing the 3-month professional training will qualify you to work as an HSP practitioner in two capacities:

  • A Professional HSP Practitioner – This option is for those new to the coaching profession. Completing the 3-month online course gives you 100 hours of professional development training and 10 hours of practical experience. (You will need 40 more hours of coaching experience to become a certified HSP Coach.)
  • A Professional HSP Coach – This option is for those with coaching experience (at least 40 hours). Completing the training program will certify you as a professional HSP coach with 100 hours of coaching training and 50 hours of practical experience.

Whichever way you receive certification, completing the program guarantees a listing in the Highly Sensitive Humans directory.  

Pricing for this course is $2497, with available scholarships and payment plans of up to 12 monthly installments.

Go here to learn more.

The Ultimate Benefits of Becoming an Accredited HSP Coach

I could spend my entire day telling you why you should become an accredited coach for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs). 

Or I could cut to the chase and tell you everything you stand to gain at the end of the 3-month professional training program for coaching HSPs.

Below is a summary of what you get:

  • A professional certificate at the end of the course
  • Listing on the Highly Sensitive Humans Directory as either a Practitioner for Highly Sensitive People or a Certified Coach for Highly Sensitive People 
  • A badge to put on your website showing you’ve undergone Professional Training for Coaching Highly Sensitive People and are a Professional Practitioner or Coach for Highly Sensitive People
  • On-going supervision with 3 x group sessions spread out over 6 months after completing the course.
  • An opportunity to submit your writing as a guest blogger on the Highly Sensitive Humans website.
  • An interview on the Highly Sensitive Human Podcast 
  • Credits to apply for a 12-month Associate Membership through the Association for Coaching (At no extra fee)
  • Additional coaching hours to get listed on the IACTM’s directory as an accredited IACTM coach

To learn more about how to become an accredited coach for Highly Sensitive People and the 3-month professional training program by Jules De Vitto, visit this page.


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