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How to Empower Highly Sensitive Children: Online Course

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Are you a teacher or educator wanting to support the social-emotional well-being of Highly Sensitive Children (HSCs)?

Are you a professional coach or mentor for young people either in a school setting or private practice?

And are you a parent interested in exploring ways to support your Highly Sensitive Child?

If you answered Yes to any (or all) of these questions, this 3-month online course will teach you how to empower highly sensitive children.

About the Course 

Learn how to empower highly sensitive children

Designed by Jules De Vitto of Highly Sensitive Humans, this online course is a 3-month professional training certificate program for empowering Highly Sensitive Children (HSCs).

It starts on 9th February 2023 and ends on 4th May 2023.

The course will guide educators, coaches, and parents through a holistic and integrative framework for the healthy development and social-emotional well-being of Highly Sensitive Children (HSCs).

And if you’re interested in this course, there’s a 20% early bird discount if you register by November 16th, 2022.

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Who Should take this Course on How to Empower Highly Sensitive Children?

Take this online course by Jules De Vitto if you meet any or all of the following criteria:

  • You’re an educator supporting highly sensitive children in or out of the classroom
  • A professional coach or mentor for young people
  • A parent of a highly sensitive child (HSC) looking for the best ways to support your child.
  • You’re a leader or guide offering workshops, clubs, or activities for young people

What Should You Expect to Learn from this Online Course?

This online course on how to empower highly sensitive children will cover 10 modules and live workshops scheduled for every Thursday. These modules and workshops will discuss the following 10 topics:

1. An Introduction to Highly Sensitive Children (HSC) – What does the research say, and how can you identify an HSC?

2. An Integrative Framework for Empowering HSCs – Learn the tools and framework you’ll use to empower sensitive children.

3. Mindful Tools and Holding Space for Highly Sensitive Children – learn mindfulness techniques and tools you can use in the classroom, in-practice sessions and at home.

4. Developing Healthy Self-Esteem & Confidence in Highly Sensitive Children – learn how to empower HSCs with a growth mindset that helps them feel more confident.

5. Exploring the Boundaries of an HSC – How can you help highly sensitive children understand and set boundaries at an early age?

6. Healthy Communication – Learn how to help HSCs communicate their needs and also how to use non-violent communication with HSCs.

7. Working with our Parts – Friendly exercises that help an HSC identify what parts are feeling anxious, afraid, angry, etc. So they can identify the feeling before becoming overwhelmed.

8. Compassion and Self-Compassion – learn the practices that help HSCs cultivate self-compassion by changing their inner voice into one of compassion.

9. Values and Purpose – Explore different ways to help HSCs connect with their values and identify the qualities they’d want to cultivate as they grow up.

10. Practical Application and Q&A: This is the final module in the course where you’ll be sharing a mini-project with your peers and asking questions.

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What is an Integrative and Holistic Framework? And Why Is It Important to Learn?

The main focus of this framework is to help Highly Sensitive Children develop more self-awareness so they can learn to self-regulate, communicate their needs, and understand their feelings.

And the importance of this framework, when implemented at an early age, is to help children transition into adulthood with the necessary tools and resources to stay empowered.

Specific focus areas of this framework include:

  • Emotions, mindset and behaviour
  • Connection and awareness of the environment
  • Spiritual Expression
  • Development of healthy relationships

Learn More about this Framework.

Who Will Be Your Course Instructor?

The course instructor for this 3-month online course on how to empower Highly Sensitive Children is Jules De Vitto.

Jules is an accredited and certified Transpersonal Coach, Authentic Self-Empowerment Facilitator and experienced educator. She’s the founder of Highly Sensitive Humans and the Highly Sensitive Humans Academy.

And she has 14 years of teaching experience under her belt.

Learn more about Jules De Vitto on the course page here.

In the End

This online course on how to empower highly sensitive children (HSCs) is a 3-month professional training certificate program. It’s designed for teachers, educators, parents, coaches, and other leaders interacting with highly sensitive children.

Through the course, you’re going to learn a series of techniques, exercises and frameworks that you can use to guide and empower sensitive children. You’re also going to learn the research involved with HSCs and how to identify if a child is highly sensitive.

And remember, if you enrol in this online course by November 16th, 2022, you are entitled to a 20% discount. Enter the code “HSC20” at checkout to claim the offer.

Learn More Here.***

With love and kindness,

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