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Top 10 HSP Experts You Should Know

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Are you new to the trait of high sensitivity?

One of the 10 things we recommend to new HSPs is to learn from HSP experts. These are people who’ve been in the HSP industry for a long time and who understand how to make being an HSP work for you.

These are also the people with tons of HSP resources in their name and can help you learn more about yourself through a book, podcast, blog post, course, or even 1:1 coaching.

So, would you like to know who these HSP experts are?

In this post, we list 10 people you should know if you’re a highly sensitive person. Or if you’re raising a highly sensitive child.

Let’s dive in.

10 HSP Experts You Should Know

HSP Experts You Need to Know if You are new to the HSP trait

#1. Dr. Elaine N. Aron

The first HSP expert you should know is Dr. Elaine N. Aron. She’s the pioneer of the highly sensitive person trait, coining the HSP term back in the early 90s. Dr. Aron is also the author of “The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You“, and many other consequent books to aid every part of your HSP journey.

Learn more about Dr. Elaine N. Aron and her HSP resources in this post here, or visit her website at

#2. Julie Bjelland

Julie Bjelland is a Psychotherapist specializing in the trait of High Sensitivity. She has a free HSP quiz on her website to help HSPs around the world confirm they’re highly sensitive.

And that’s not all; Julie has a ton of resources for highly sensitive people. And when we say a ton, we mean exactly that.

She has a blog, podcast, free guides, free masterclasses, books, journals, courses, and a membership community for HSPs everywhere.

Go check out this vault of HSP resources to get an idea of the ton of resources we’re talking about.

#3. Jules De Vitto

Jules De Vitto is a Transpersonal Coach and Trainer for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs).

She’s also the founder of Highly Sensitive Humans and has an academy in the same name where she teaches HSPs and HSP coaches through online courses.

Her resources include a blog, podcast, book, and online courses. And speaking of courses, if you’d like to become an HSP coach, Jules is accepting students in her 3-month online course starting in May. Learn more about that here.

#4. Dr. Tracy Cooper

Our first 3 HSP experts have been ladies. But don’t worry gents, and parents of highly sensitive boys everywhere, because we’ve got you covered.

Dr. Tracy Cooper is an Author and Consultant for Highly Sensitive Men (HSM). He’s the author of “Thrive: The Highly Sensitive Person and Career” and “Thrill: The High Sensation Seeking Highly Sensitive Person”.

Learn more about Dr. Tracy Cooper and how he can help you as an HSP on his website here.

#5. Tom Falkenstein

Tom Falkenstein is a Psychotherapist and the Author of “The Highly Sensitive Man: How Mastering Natural Instincts, Ethics, and Empathy Can Enrich Men’s Lives and the Lives of Those Who Love Them”.

He’s also the founder of the European Centre for High Sensitivity – a practice providing information, tools, and psychotherapeutic support to highly sensitive people.

Learn more about Tom Falkenstein here.

#6. William Allen

William Bill Allen is the author of “Confessions of a Sensitive Man” and “On Being a Sensitive Man”.

These two books explore life as a highly sensitive man and offer encouragement to highly sensitive males wanting to stand up for their sensitivity.

He also has a blog called The Sensitive Man where he writes and publishes his experiences as a highly sensitive man. Go here to learn more.

#7. Willow McIntosh

If you know Julie Bjelland, then you definitely know Willow McIntosh.

He’s a co-host on Julie’s HSP podcast where they discuss various topics affecting highly sensitive people (HSPs). But because this list of HSP experts is for people new to high sensitivity, we’ll tell you more.

Willow is the founder of Inluminance, where he empowers people with high sensory intelligence to discover and use their special gifts.

High Sensory Intelligence is what Willow McIntosh calls highly sensitive people. There’s even a quiz for it you can take on the website.

He’s also the creator of a program that trains people to become high-sensory coaches. Learn more about that here.

#8. Dr. Judith Orloff

Known as the Godmother of the Empath Movement, Dr. Judith Orloff is another important person you need to know about.

This is because all empaths are highly sensitive people and the resources by Dr. Orloff will be of great help to you as an HSP.

Among her many resources for HSPs and empaths, Dr. Judith Orloff has written books, blog posts, journals, and even created card decks to help empaths and sensitive people thrive.

Go here to learn more about Dr. Orloff.

#9. Jeannette Folan

Coming in at number 9 is Jeannette Folan – an Author, Coach, Educator, and Advocate for highly sensitive people (HSPs).

Jeannette has authored and co-authored a series of books, including the Diary of a Teenage Empath and Discovering the Power of Sensitivity. Jeannette is also the creator of this HSP Certification program for mental health professionals.

And she’s the founder of Empath Diary – a website where she offers personal support for HSPs and Empaths and professional development for health professionals. Visit this page to learn about Jeannette Folan and explore what she has to offer.

#10. Maureen Gaspari

Are you raising a highly sensitive child? This HSP expert is for parents who’re raising highly sensitive children (HSCs).

Maureen Gaspari is the founder of Parenting The Highly Sensitive Child – a website that helps parents understand and advocate for their HSCs. She provides support through blog posts, books, courses, a Facebook Community, and a library of free resources available to those who sign up for her mailing list.

Learn more about Maureen on her website here and find the help you need to offer support to your highly sensitive child.

In the End

This list of HSP experts should give you a starting point for learning more and understanding your trait of high sensitivity.

And this is because learning that you’re a highly sensitive person (HSP) is only the first step towards becoming an empowered HSP.

You have to learn what it means to be an HSP, the gifts that come with being an HSP, and how you can leverage your trait to thrive as an HSP.

And these HSP experts have the resources you need to learn everything there is to know about being a highly sensitive person.


With love and kindness,

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