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8 Mental Health Resources by Self-Love Rainbow Perfect for Highly Sensitive People 

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Formerly known as Blessing Manifesting and created by Dominee Calderon, Self-Love Rainbow is an online platform promoting self-care, self-love, and Mental Health awareness. 

The website and store offer a wealth of resources designed to help individuals nurture their emotional well-being and build a positive relationship with themselves. 

It is also home to various mental health resources, including workbooks, journals, planners, eBooks, trackers and other printables and is famous for the bestselling annual Self-Care Planner.

In this post, discover 8 Mental Health resources by Self-Love Rainbow that appeal to the Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). 

I hand-selected these products with the help of AI, and I hope you find them useful.

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8 Mental Health Resources by Self-Love Rainbow Perfect for Highly Sensitive People (HSPs)

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1. The Mental Health Bundle

Do you prefer writing or journaling over talking when trying to make sense of everyday stressors and emotions? 

Would you like a collection of worksheets and workbooks specifically created to help you overcome common Mental Health Challenges?

In The Mental Health Bundle by Self-Love Rainbow, unlock 19+ resources to help you self-soothe, process anger, track your triggers, overcome shame, name your feelings and more.

Learn about The Mental Health Bundle by Self-Love Rainbow

To give you an idea of how valuable this mental health resource is, below is a list of the workbooks, journals, and planners to expect inside the bundle.

  • Feelings & Emotions Wheel 
  • Depression Scale for Teens
  • Create Your Own Anxiety Scale
  • Executive Dysfunction Workbook
  • The Trigger Journal & Workbook
  • Shame Spiral Workbook
  • Mental Health Worksheets
  • Mental Health Crisis Safety Plan
  • Quick Guide to Self-Soothing
  • Behaviour Chain Analysis
  • Sobriety Check-In Worksheets
  • Self-Care for Bad Mental Health Days
  • The Anger Workbook
  • Black & White Thinking
  • Create Your Own Depression Scale
  • Symptom Wheels 
  • Breathe: Anxiety Workbook
  • Depression Scale for Kids
  • Weekly Check-In Pages

2. The 7-Day Overwhelm Challenge

With Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) processing sensory input deeply, it’s no surprise that Overwhelm is at the top of the challenges you face daily. 

And according to experts, identifying the source of your overwhelm is the first step towards overcoming it.

7-Day Overwhelm Challenge - for Mental Health Resources by Self-Love Rainbow

The 7-Day Overwhelm Challenge by Self-Love Rainbow is designed to help users pinpoint internal and external sources of overwhelm and develop coping strategies. 

It includes a 13-page PDF with journaling prompts, a list of coping skills and directions to help you create a personalized overwhelm toolkit. 

3. Financial Self-Care Workbook and Planner 

Finances are a common stressor for most people, and Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) are not exempt.

Unfortunately, many financial tools today focus on helping users save, invest, track expenses, or start side hustles, and neglect the mental turmoil around money and finances.

In the Financial Self-Care Workbook and Planner, Dominee Calderon walks you through the unspoken struggles surrounding money, such as anxiety, shame, guilt, and other issues you might be dealing with.

Overcome financial stress with this self-care planner by Self-love rainbow

The resource has over 80 pages and features the following five components:

  • A workbook – to help you process your feelings by exploring the areas you beat yourself up about money.
  • A planner – contains worksheets to help you track debts, bills, subscriptions, memberships, budgets, and savings.
  • Monthly review pages– to fill in at the start and end of each month.
  • Affirmations – 48 statements to help you build compassion when dealing with money.
  • Journaling prompts – to help you discover what financial security means to you and healthy ways to overcome financial stress.

Go here to learn more about this mental health resource by Self-Love Rainbow.

4. Self-Care for Stress & Burnout Workbook

How confident are you at pinpointing the areas in your life causing you stress and burnout?

Many Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) relate to daily stress and burnout and focus on incorporating solutions to help find relief.

But what if there was a better way to tackle these two common issues? A way that demands going to the source of the problem so you can cut it off at the roots.

Screenshot of one of the Mental Health resources by Self-Love Rainbow

In the Self-Care for Stress and Burnout Workbook, discover a 40-page PDF helping you uncover your place on the stress scale, the 12 stages of burnout, and practices to help you create multiple support systems.

The resource will help you understand the differences between stress, burnout and compassion fatigue, how to address their root causes and develop effective self-care routines​​.

5. Self-Forgiveness Workbook

As a Highly Sensitive Person, you might find forgiving others simpler than forgiving yourself. This aligns with your predisposition to high empathy and lack of self-compassion.

Unfortunately, when you’re unable to forgive yourself, you’re also highly prone to toxic behaviour that results in hurting your loved ones and creating a shame and guilt spiral.

These struggles are all catalysts for mental health problems.

Learn to forgive yourself with this mental health workbook by Self-Love Rainbow.

In the Self-Forgiveness workbook by Self-Love Rainbow, Dominee walks you through a 7-step guide that starts with acknowledging your pain and ends with an intentional choice to practice forgiveness and self-love.

She also shares exercises and affirmations to help you foster self-compassion and healing​.

6. Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Workbook

We all know about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – the 5-stage model explaining human needs and how our go-to motivation to meet those needs.

But how can we use this well-known theory to improve our self-care and mental health?

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs Workbook by Self-Love Rainbow explores this topic, providing worksheets to help you understand your met and unmet needs.

Screenshot for Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs Workbook by Self-Love Rainbow

It includes practical guidance, real-life examples, journaling prompts, and templates to help you identify missing needs and brainstorm ideas to help you meet them. 

7. Itty Bitty Hygge Workbook

As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSPs), the words cosy, warmth, and comfort tend to have a relaxing feel. You sought them out in your environment when seeking replenishing activities.

So when I found the Itty Bitty Hygge Workbook, I knew it had to make an entry into this list of mental health resources by Self-Love Rainbow, and I believed you would appreciate it.

Screenshot for Hygge Workbook - one of the mental health resources by Self-Love Rainbow

Hygge is a Danish concept championing comfort, cosiness, and warmth. 

The workbook is an 18-page PDF explaining the Hygge concept in depth and uncovering activities, recipes, a 30-day challenge, and worksheets to create a comforting and warm environment​.

So, if your space has been overwhelming lately and you’re unsure how to hygge it up, this resource is for you!

8. The Ultimate Self-Love Bundle

If you love the seven Mental Health resources by Self-Love Rainbow above and want to save on costs, you can opt for The Ultimate Self-Love Bundle. 

It features all digital downloads from the Self-Love Rainbow shop (150+ files), offering a variety of tools and worksheets for self-love, mental health, and personal growth​.

Screenshot for Bundle on all Mental Health resources by Self-Love Rainbow

Some resources inside include gratitude journals, self-care-themed games, mental health trackers, self-love planners, weekly check-ins, e-books, and new releases sent to your inbox.

According to Dominee, the Ultimate Self-Love Bundle is a perfect resource for therapists, coaches, Mental Health advocates, self-love enthusiasts, and productivity enthusiasts.

Final Word on Mental Health Resources by Self-Love Rainbow

Dominee Calderon of Self-Love Rainbow is one of the most relatable individuals I have ever met (online).

Her resources are always thoughtful, colourful, practical and easily accessible. And that’s why I decided to share this list with you.

These 8 Mental Health resources by Self-Love Rainbow are available as digital files, allowing for flexible use and easy integration into your daily self-care routine. 

They also cater to the unique emotional needs of Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) by providing structured and supportive frameworks for navigating challenges.

I hope you find something helpful in this list! 

You’re also welcome to explore all the resources on the Self-Love Rainbow store. In all honesty, there are too many to count.


with love and kindness,

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