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About Sensitive Empowerment – the HSP Community by Julie Bjelland

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Being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) in a world that doesn’t yet appreciate the trait of High Sensitivity can feel lonely. But finding a community that honours and respects your HSP trait can be the start of something great.

And that’s why joining an HSP community is so important. 

You get to meet and interact with fellow HSPs. You get access to a platform where you can openly share your struggles and discover new strengths. And you find a reason to stop feeling so alone or like there’s something wrong with you.

In this post, discover an HSP community that gives you access to seven support groups for HSPs, live workshops, and endless HSP resources.

What is an HSP Community?

To understand what an HSP community is, we must first answer two questions:

  • What does HSP stand for? 
  • What is a community?

As you may already know, HSP stands for Highly Sensitive Person. 

It’s a term coined by Dr. Elaine N. Aron to define the 20-30% of the population with the trait of Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS) – otherwise known as High Sensitivity.

On the other hand, a community is a group of people with a common interest. Or a group of people sharing similar characteristics and coming together to support one another. 

In this case, the common interest is being an HSP.

We can then define an HSP community as a group of Highly Sensitive People supporting one another in their HSP life journeys. 

A support group for HSPs.

What is the Importance of an HSP Community?

The purpose of an HSP community is to provide support. Everything else falls under this supportive umbrella. 

So, as an HSP, finding a safe space to express yourself and connect with others is essential for your personal growth and wellness.

And in a world where sensitivity is still frowned upon, being part of an HSP community could be life-changing. It would be the perfect support system for any HSP.

So open your mind and heart, and walk with us as we introduce you to one of the best communities for Highly Sensitive People.

Meet The Sensitive Empowerment Community by Julie Bjelland

Join the Sensitive Empowerment Community - Best HSP Community

Would you benefit from having an online community dedicated to your growth as an HSP? A place where you can ask questions, get support, learn about the trait, and find true personal empowerment?

Meet The Sensitive Empowerment Community – a membership-based HSP community where you can meet and interact without shame or judgment. 

An online community where you can interact with other HSPs and learn more about High Sensitivity in special live and recorded events specifically created for members. 

And in bullet points, here’s what you get in the Sensitive Empowerment Community:

  • 7 Smaller HSP Groups – Inside the community are seven smaller groups focusing on a particular topic or audience. As a community member, you get free access to these groups.
  • Live Events – Join weekly meetups, masterclasses, and more live recordings with fellow HSPs and experts.
  • Live Podcasts – The HSP Podcast by Julie Bjelland is accessible to everyone. But members get access to live recordings of the podcast.
  • Discounts to HSP Courses – As a Sensitive Empowerment Community member, you get discounted prices to courses by Julie Bjelland.
  • Guest HSP speakers – Group hosts usually invite speakers to discuss various issues affecting HSPs. And because of the many groups inside the community, the new speakers are endless.
  • Self-care and Self-love reminders – Receive regular updates to improve your daily life as an HSP.

The 7 HSP Support Groups Inside Sensitive Empowerment

There are seven smaller HSP groups inside the Sensitive Empowerment community. These groups focus on topics like Depression or audiences like LGBTQ and HSPs aged 60+.

Here are the seven support groups:

  • Spiral Up Depression Support Group – Are you an HSP navigating depression? As a community member, you get free access to Spiral Up – a safe space for HSPs on a similar healing journey.
  • Sensitive Sages Group – Are you over 60 years old and Highly Sensitive? Join Sensitive Sages to interact with others like you and receive support from people who get you.
  • Soul Sanctuary Group – Do you identify as a person of colour? And are you Highly Sensitive? If yes, you will feel right at home in Soul Sanctuary. The group is free to members and for HSPs of colour.
  • A Safe Space (LGBTQ+) – Highly Sensitive and part of the LGBTQ+ community? Sensitive Empowerment has a vibrant, dynamic, and safe space for you. Join today to experience and connect with people who get what you’re going through. 
  • Julie’s Courses Discussion Group – This free group is for those taking Julie Bjelland’s courses. It provides a platform to share wins, ask questions, and discuss any arising issues during the program.
  • HSPs in Heart-Centered Business Group – Are you a Highly Sensitive Business Owner looking for monthly support as you start or grow your business? If yes, this group is for you. It will cost you an extra $10 monthly, with additional benefits like listing on the HSP Practitioners Directory, guest-posting on the HSP bog, and event hosting inside the community.
  • Your Self-Discovery Journey Group – Would you benefit from an HSP support group with people on an intentional journey of self-discovery? This group provides a safe space to share goals, offer and receive support, and inspire each other to flourish authentically.
Best HSP Community for HSPs - Join Today

4 Reasons to Join The Sensitive Empowerment Community

If what we’ve already told you about this HSP community by Julie Bjelland isn’t enough to convince you, here are four more reasons why you should become a member.

  1. Learn to balance and honour your sensitive nervous system. Being an HSP means you have a Highly Sensitive nervous system. In the Sensitive Empowerment community, learn about the brain differences found in HSPs and discover tools to help regulate your nervous system so you can achieve balance and thrive.
  2. Understand your incredible value as an HSP. If you’re tired of feeling weak, being called too sensitive, and struggling to toughen up, join Julie’s community to learn the value of being an HSP in a world that doesn’t appreciate you. And in so doing, understand and embrace your sensitive strengths so you can thrive fully as an HSP.
  3. Learn to love who you are as an HSP. It’s easy to hate yourself when you lack an understanding of who you are or that being an HSP can be your greatest strength. In the Sensitive Empowerment community, you will have an opportunity to meet and network with fellow HSPs. People who are on a similar journey to yours and learning to love themselves by understanding the power they yield as Highly Sensitive Individuals. And in the process, you will uncover unique strengths and develop self-love.
  4. Be empowered to share your gifts. After learning to see your HSP trait as a strength and not a weakness. And as a gift, not a curse. The tools available in the sensitive empowerment community will empower you to become your best self and share these gifts with the world.

How to Join The Sensitive Empowerment Community

Joining the Sensitive Empowerment Community by Julie Bjelland is pretty much straightforward.

Here are the steps:

Alternatively, scroll to confirm everything we’ve told you about the community. And then click on the blue button written Join the Sensitive Empowerment Community at the bottom.

#Step 2: Choose a Plan. 

Your action in step 1 above will direct you to a completely different site — where the HSP community lives. 

Click on Choose a Plan to jump to the Plans section. Here, you will see three options: $40/month, $50/month and $20/month. 

Option one is for everyone, option two is for HSPs in business, and option three is for BIPOC, LGBTQ+ and 60+ HSPs.

Select plan one or two to continue. The third plan is available once you’re inside the community.

# Step 3: Create an Account and Pay

Selecting a plan will open a window prompting you to create an account. You will also see the amount to pay to join the HSP community. Enter your details, make a payment, and start your new community journey.  

The Sensitive Empowerment community is home to daily discussions, weekly live events, virtual meet and greets, separate support groups, and more HSP Resources.

Join today to take advantage of these valuable tools.

Join this HSP Community in 2024

Who is Julie Bjelland?

Julie Bjelland is a licensed Psychotherapist specializing in High Sensitivity. She researches, teaches, and works with HSPs around the world. 

And in her many years of doing this, she’s created a collection of resources to help HSPs thrive.

This Post shares all HSP resources by Julie Bjelland.

Final Word on this HSP Community

If you’re looking for support as a Highly Sensitive Person, an HSP community is what you need. And the Sensitive Empowerment Community is our top recommendation for HSP communities.

It provides hands-on support from different experienced HSP professionals. You can join from anywhere globally, as long as you have an internet connection. And it has a collection of HSP resources you will never exhaust.

So, take your time to explore Julie’s HSP community to see if it’s a good fit for you. Consider trying it out for one month to see if you like it – we believe you will.

And remember: The Sensitive Empowerment Community is NOT on social media. All you’ll need is access to the internet and a monthly subscription.


Join the Sensitive Empowerment Community - Best HSP Community

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